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Soaker Hose Irrigation Pipe

Made in Lancashire from recycled tyre rubber and plastic.

How can soaker hoses save you money? By allowing water to seep directly through its porous walls into the soil, our porous irrigation pipes put water directly where your plants need it at the root zone. Can be laid on the surface or up to six inches below ground. We would suggest laying on the surface initially to check leakage. The very nature of the recycled materials used in manufacture, dictates that uniformity of leakage is not exact but should be adequate to supply enough moisture to each root zone along a working length which is in turn dictated by water pressure supplied.

Soaker Hose 13mm Bore Specification

Optimum working pressure = 0.5 bar / 7.5 psi
Max working length = 50m
Space between latherals = 50 – 100cm
Watering rate = 2 – 4 litres per metre per hour
Simply connect to existing hosepipe with fittings
Soaker hose provides gentle and precise watering both above and below ground (subsurface Irrigation System) and uses 70% less water than conventional methods
Soaker Hose used below ground should be a maximum of 15cm below ground level
For use with 16mm barbed fittings